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Engage customers and increase productivity. Making use of Deep Neural Networks, Natural Language Processing and other powerfull algorithms, our agents are capable to understand, respond and perform tasks. Our Agents respond to customer requests immediatly 24 hours a day.
  • Increase productivity with personal assistants for each client that automatically responds to doubts and performs some tasks.
    Make an appointment
    Ask information
  • Engage customers and Increase productivity with personal assistants for each client that automatically responds to their requests in seconds 24h a day.
    Acquire Data Plan
    Mobile Top-Up
    Upgrade Data Plan
    Activate Roaming
    Troubleshoot issues
  • Engage customers with a personal expert of your restaurant in their pocket. The expert sends menus and allows customers to perform some tasks with the comfort of a message.
    Book a table
    Home Delivery
    Check Menu
    Send specials of the day
  • Increase visibility. Help people stay on top of their favorite topics. Your target can subscribe to different topics or authors and our agent will send her digest and trending articles about the topics she want. Our agents also respond to questions.
    Subscribe channels
    Breaking News
    Personalized recommendations
  • Increase engagement and visibility with the simplest way to inform supporters. Just with a message, every supporter can be aware of all information and have an expert to answer their questions
    Club news
    Live Results
    Match’s schedule
How it works
Engage customers by allowing them access to your services and support from anywhere.
Modern day customer support call
Find contact info of company through the Internet
Call contact number
Navigate through a sequence of touch tones or semi-functional speech recognition steps
Wait on hold until a specialist is available
Connect with a rep who now tries to have you navigate the Internet via voice instructions
Step through a sequence of verifications to make sure it is truly you who is calling
Get told you need to talk with a different representative and get put on hold while you are transferred
Login to the company website
Finally, get an answer to your question
Communicating with customers shouldn’t be this hard.
With Agentifai
Search Facebook Page
Send a message
Get an answer
Easy, Fast and Great user experience

Increase your competitive advantage

Use the power of AI to grow your business and always be available in a personalized way for each customer.

No need to download

Your customer only has to add a contact on Facebook Messenger and gets her digital assistant

Easy to use

Communicate with your customers through the platform they use the most

Chat 24/7

Our agents are always available. They deliver information and respond to customers requests in seconds

Stronger engagement

Increase customer satisfaction with a personal assistant who interacgts directly with your customer and answer all her questions. Your chatbot can also perform tasks requested by the client in real time.

Increase productivity

Without needing to dedicate resources to this task, you can respond to customer requests in real time, 24 hours a day.

Improve sales

Having all the client's historical knowledge, your chatbot can provide personalized services. The conversion rates will also increase since the user can acquire a service just with a simple click.

Our agents are here to help you grow

Maintaining a close relationship with clients is a key factor for the success of any business. However, the amount of time required for a dedicated and permanent relationship with customers is huge, being necessary to dedicated resources to this relationship.

Agentifai uses the power of artificial intelligence to allow any business to create and maintain this relationship without additional effort and even reducing the time spent on this task by its employees.

Making use of Deep Neural Networks, Natural Language Processing and other mathematical algorithms Agentifai provides intelligent digital agents capable of understand and maintain natural conversations with humans.

With Agentifai, any business can now provide a personal digital assistant to its customers available on Facebook messenger (and other channels), without the need to allocate resources to this task.

Our agents can deliver information, answer questions and can execute customer orders in seconds, twenty four hours a day (24/7).